Brookfield Partners is now Hudson Commercial Partners, Inc [Hudson Partners]!

Hudson Commercial Partners, Inc is dedicated to retaining its leadership role as a highly focused commercial real estate investment and advisory services firm, along with a private lending division at Hudson Partners.

In 2012 Jay Martinez, Kelly Betpolice and Peter Steigleder founded this firm for the express purpose of providing clients with specialized expertise to ensure successful investing and selling outcomes. Guided by the philosophy that investment decision-making should be informed by an understanding of economic, demographic and financial dynamics that impact asset performance as well as a thorough understanding of commercial real estate markets, Hudson Partners provides a complete menu of resources and tools for investors of all product types including office, industrial, apartments and retail assets, development land acquisitions and distressed note purchases. Put simply, our goal is to help clients maximize value while creating and preserving wealth. Our brokerage firm has strategically evolved to further facilitate its clients. The improved platform provides cutting edge and state-of the art marketing.


Jay Martinez, Kelly Betpolice and Peter Steigleder, had worked the country’s top brokerage firms over the years, and their paths had crossed on several occasions. They found that, while each brought a distinct skill set to the table, they shared an approach that emphasized superior service and a results-oriented focus that produced consistent positive results. The three quickly realized that, working as a team, they could offer clients broad-based expertise combined with a synergy that proved highly effective in the successful and swift completion of transactions. The founders then set about to build a powerful roster of team members representing a unique set of skills and expertise while maintaining their singular orientation to exceeding clients’ expectations and Hudson Partners was born. This team approach has proven to be highly effective, resulting in the successful completion of more than $2 Billion in transactions while meeting even the most complex of clients’ needs.

In 2015 Darin Spillman joined Hudson Commercial Partners as President.  Prior to the firm’s formation, Darin had also worked closely with Hudson Partners’ founders over the years at the same national brokerage firms.  His transactional experience includes extensive multi-family, land, and retail properties throughout L.A. County.


Hudson Partners will continue to provide comprehensive and quality representation to clients locally and nationally.  Hudson Partners believes that an owner/investor’s interests are best represented through relationships founded on trust and strengthened by longevity. We understand that the world in which we invest is constantly evolving, as are the needs of our clients. These principles shape everything we do and drive our commitment to be the definitive resource for commercial, industrial, multifamily and retail investors in our markets. We measure our accomplishments not on a transactional basis, but over the course of an entire relationship.


  • Property Search and Site Evaluation
  • Financial Analysis and Projections
  • Due Diligence
  • Transaction Management
  • Lease-up Strategies
  • Underwriting


  • Broker Opinion of Value
  • Property Evaluation and Strategic Consulting
  • Property Marketing and Advertising
  • Buyer Pool Identification and Qualification
  • Transaction Management
  • Exchange Buyers Database

For Banks and Lenders

  • Broker Priced Opinion (BPO)
  • Declarations of Value (Bankruptcy Court)
  • Non-performing Note Acquisitions
  • Quarterly Evaluations – Non-performing Debt
  • Short Sales/Mitigating Losses
  • Opinions of Value for FDIC Audits
  • Offer in Compromise (SBA Debt Settlement)
  • Underwriting Borrower’s Equity Position
  • Asset Strategy & Disposition
  • Leasing and Property Management


At Hudson Partners we are driven by the belief that each requirement is unique and each client deserves the best possible outcome regardless of the size of the project. We approach each requirement by gaining a complete understanding of the underlying dynamics, the asset‘s financial history and competitive position in the marketplace as well as the investor’s business model and philosophy, and we configure the best possible team for that unique set of circumstances.

PLANNING, EVALUATION & ANALYSIS: Luck favors those who are prepared, and we begin each project with a thorough evaluation of the property or requirement. During this initial stage we act as consultants, advising clients on the potential impact of current market conditions on their goals and the competitive position of an asset based on historical performance and the condition of the property. Depending upon the client’s needs, we may advise implementing a lease-up strategy or a refurbishing before taking a property to market, and we design a strategy that maximizes the opportunities identified and minimizes the challenges anticipated.

VALUATION: Each of the Hudson Partners team members is armed with keen insight into the product sector and market area where they specialize and expert at delivering professional, well-grounded valuations. At Hudson Partners we believe in honest, ethical and realistic property valuations that assist clients in making these critical real estate decisions. We will never inflate a valuation for the purpose of getting a listing.

We work closely with buyers, carefully reviewing and evaluating the available data on a property and providing thorough guidance as they go through the due diligence process. We treat each real estate decision as if it were our own, and our clients rely on us as seasoned partners in the transaction process.

MARKETING: At Hudson Partners we pride ourselves on our ability to optimize marketing opportunities for each asset utilizing our extensive database of the most active buyers in the market. Our technology allows us to deploy broad-based campaigns as well as targeted strategies to reach the most likely buyers for specialized assets. Our cohesive team approach means that we can reduce the time from listing to sale while ensuring the highest possible returns.

TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT: We closely monitor each step of the sale, paying meticulous attention to details and timelines to make certain that the process moves forward with little or no interruption. Our fiduciary responsibility to our clients is our highest priority, and we negotiate passionately on their behalf while recognizing that we are their representatives in the marketplace, and we strive to maintain respectful and ethical relationships with all parties involved in the process.